Public show gardens …

A successful cooperation with the nursery Lorenz von Ehren and Michael Veith

Those who can “simply” have an eye for beauty.
A special kind of park – for art and culture in harmony with nature – designed by Michael Veith

For more than 20 years, I have preferred to obtain trees for my projects, especially solitary and tension-rich trees, from the Lorenz von Ehren tree nursery in Hamburg. A harmonious cooperation at eye level with a mutual appreciation grew over the year into more than a normal business relationship. It is always a pleasure for me to select trees at the LvE nursery and also to spend time privately with the von Erhen family.

This long-standing collaboration resulted in the wish of the von Ehren nursery to realise various show gardens together with me and thus to make the beauty of their trees accessible to all garden lovers beyond the borders of HH. The first show garden was created at the administration building of the LvE nursery in Hamburg, a second followed in the second company in Bad Zwischenahn and others followed at Schloss Dyck near Neuss “East meets West” and in Jaegerthal | France “le Parc – Domaine du Jaegerthal”.

Planning and realising show gardens for the von Ehren nursery has always been a very special pleasure for me. It’s not just the fact that I can draw from a wide range of trees that suits my creativity. Furthermore, it is a pleasant side effect that the company owner “Bernhard von Ehren” always gives me a free hand in planning and realisation and has full confidence in my creativity. Truly a good prerequisite for the creation of living works of art.

This is how the park was created as the last show garden, here at Domaine Jaegerthal, with dreamlike, solitary trees.

Combine a visit to the show garden of Domaine Jaegerthal with an unforgettable stay in beautiful northern Alsace.
A stay at Domaine Jaegerthal can be enjoyed in the guest house (“Maison d’École”) belonging to the estate or in our romantic forestry house (“Maison Forestière”) situated on the edge of the forest.
Renowned gourmet restaurants, as well as various small restaurants and wine taverns with down-to-earth regional cuisine, are located not far from the Domaine. The Northern Alsace in particular is an impressive experience with the UNESCO nature park “Vosges du Nord”, the countless castles, ruins, natural lakes and the quaint half-timbered villages. Here you can still enjoy nature in all its beauty.

A visit to Domaine Jaegerthal is only possible individually and by appointment. I would be happy to receive you personally to dedicate myself to your project for the realisation of a “garden of a special kind”. If necessary, I can also be at your disposal to plan your dream garden (“Service & Advice“). This ensures that from the initial idea to the selection of plants and materials and to the realisation, everything is accompanied from a single source, by me personally.
Please understand that a spontaneous appointment is only possible in the rarest of cases. As the Maison de la Turbine is not only my think tank, but also my private refuge, I thank you for respecting my privacy.