Craftsmanship at its best

What an enrichment for Domaine Jaegerthal and for our guests.
It couldn’t be more fitting – the handmade knives from our neighbour “Tom” are a joy and enrichment in our guest houses and a delight for the guests.

My love for handmade tools, blacksmith’s work and fancy woods is known to every guest who once stayed in one of our guesthouses. So it stands to reason that I would also like to support people who have senses for beauty and who manufacture with attention to detail.

Our neighbour in the Jaegerthal is called “Tom” and has been professionally involved with forged goods, especially Japanese blades, for many years.

For five years he has lived in the beautiful Wineckerthal, only a few minutes away from the Jaegerthal domain. In his open-air workshop, he makes a wide variety of knives by hand. These include among others

Cutlery knives made from recycled blades, chef’s knives made from Japanese carbon steel, fish knives, fruit knives, outdoor knives…

Most blades are made of high-quality carbon steel. Blades made of this steel have an unsurpassed sharpness.
For the handles, he uses a wide variety of woods, mainly domestic.

The wood, respectively the handles, remains untreated. It is very finely polished and oiled, but not lacquered. Each of these knives is unique and an object of desire, as well as a unique gift, not only for passionate (hobby) cooks.

Here at the Jaegerthal Domain you can experience some of these handicrafts from his workshop in action, take a look at a selection of the most diverse knives and purchase them.

If you are interested, it is also possible to have Tom build a knife completely individually according to your wishes. You decide what the blade should be like and what purpose it should serve. You yourself choose the wood for the handle and determine its shape. An impression of your hand can even be taken and he will make you a handle that fits your hand perfectly.

I know from many of our guests that it is not unusual for the men travelling with them to have their own set of knives for cooking. I imagine that you too will be delighted by the uniqueness of these knives.

If I have aroused your interest, please feel free to ask me about this selection of knives during your next stay and I will be happy to show them to you. Of course, you can also contact “Tom Matuszek” directly and make an appointment.
You can reach him at:

Thomas Matuszek