Modern gardens

Redesign – Villa “S” in Taunus

In this garden it was important to me to integrate the old, already existing trees into the design and to make the garden spacious, quiet, unobtrusive, rather meditative. The trees I use for this purpose were also personally selected by my team and me and partly pre-designed for this garden at the Lorenz von Ehren tree nursery.

A garden for the senses

In collaboration with the artist “Markus Gehrig”, works of art made of copper were created, which, especially in their form and function, produced an ingenious interplay with my planning and the trees I had chosen. A garden for the senses was created. In this garden, too, I opted for exclusive solitary trees from the Lorenz von Ehren nursery.

A small garden with a big effect

It is always a pleasure and a special challenge for me to conjure up something very special from a rather small garden. Here, in this garden, I have succeeded in creating maximum visual depth in the smallest space. The garden is a feast for the eyes from the inside, looking out from the living space, as well as in the garden itself – a living work of art. Reduced beauty!

Living works of art

In the beginning there is a vision, this vision becomes an idea and from this the first creative thoughts mature into the planning of an extraordinary garden. Hand sketches serve as a template, from which the execution plans and the final work of art result, all from one source – a garden of a special kind.

Project “Garden, Dr.S.-L.”

What a tree

A more than 100-year-old Douglas fir damaged by the storm had to be removed. I decided to replant a native wood, a German oak (Quercus palustris). This 35-year-old swamp oak, which I selected at the Lorenz von Ehren nursery in Hamburg, is already a stately shade tree with a solitary habit when planted.
You are looking for a dream tree – I will find it for you!