Special trees

I got what you are looking for …. Your dream tree

Below you can see a small selection of special trees that I choose exclusively for my customers in the tree nursery I trust. Remarkable solitary trees are already being designed in the nurseries according to my specifications – thus I, or rather my customers, have at my disposal selected trees in a unique and exciting growth form. Living works of art for your dream garden – all from one source, from the hand of Michael W. Veith – expert for extraordinary gardens and special trees.

The right tree for my garden ….
Don’t just leave such an important and creative decision to your gardener or horticulturist.
Don’t wait 20 years for the trees in your garden to reach the size you want. Trees selected by me come from the best nurseries in Europe and Japan and are still available for transplanting in almost all sizes – see ‘a tree of life for the park at Domaine Jaegerthal‘. With these trees that I can find for you, we are not talking about trees like you would find in a garden centre or in your local nursery. These trees are living works of art and, depending on their age and size, can be very close in value to a contemporary work of art.
A beautiful, old and solitary tree that suits you and your house will not only be enjoyed by you, but also by future generations.