A tree of life goes on a journey

A dream tree for the park of Domaine Jaegerthal

My enthusiasm and love for large and even larger trees is well known. It is also known that my passion is to change the park of Domaine Jaegerthal from time to time, to beautify it and to enrich it with beautiful trees. A 45-year-old, 12-meter-high tree of life (thuja) found a beautiful, exposed place in the park of Domaine Jaegerthal. It is framed by old, almost 30-metre-high acacias and thus perfectly integrated into the ensemble without being the centre of attention. The narrow and open line of sight to the tree creates the optical depth I wanted.

I personally select trees like this solitary tree of life for my clients’ gardens. Choosing the right tree for the garden is particularly important. Decisive for my choice is not only the right plant species, the size, but much more the habit of a tree. It is not uncommon for the tree I have selected to be upstreamed by my team or by me even before delivery. This creates a perfect harmony and the chosen tree fits perfectly into the garden I have planned.